Winning in Sport Betting

The million dollars question is whether you can win sports betting?

First you must consider sports betting more like investment, once you relate to it this way you’d probably do some research into certain movement occurred and study to discover patterns that can be used.

There are many variables and statistic record for every sport that can provide accurate update for betting decision. The most important things to do while you collect data is to analyze it and looking for patterns that will help you to pick the right choice.

There are few other aspects that can help you improve your odds in the online sports betting.

Bankroll Management

The good things by investing in bankroll when wagering on sports betting is once you deposit into account you manage it from there and have full control on your investment. There are many ways to manage a bankroll for sports betting but actually have 2 dominate: using units or a percentage.

Units: when gambler decide use this option, bettors should bet precise amount for every bet, each unit would be between 1%-2% of your bankroll.

For example, let’s say bettor have 100$ in his bankroll, so every unit of bet should be between 1$-2$.

This method is flexible, and the amount of the bet is change depending on the confidence of the play, as long as bettor feel confidence he can increase the percentage of the bankroll. However, the cup of the bet will never be more than 5% no matter the confidence of wining.

Betting with value

The moment bettors start using bankroll management, they should start making value bets. The mining is to understand how the betting odds on offer related to winning chance.

For example, a team considered the underdog against a team at the end of a 3-game back-to-back series may have value for a number of reasons, such as travel and fatigue.

It doesn’t matter if the bet wins or loses. If the odds are way higher than they should be, there is great value in that bet.


Once you upgrade you strategy, you need to compare it against past matches. After checking the result, if you find signs that it can beat results from previous seasons, there’s a chance that it will work going forward. In order to neutralize a chance of failure, go back three seasons with your strategy. If it fails to be profitable in just 1/3, bin it and find another.