Roulette cheating by the Casino

Have you thought, like many other gamblers, whether the casino is cheating on roulette games?

From the distant past when gambling began to appear, there was always a fear of cheating on the part of the casino. This is the time to say the true, The Casinos have no interest in customers losing money faster, That just leads to dissatisfaction.

For example, suppose you by $100 of chips to play roulette and bet $10 each spin on Black or Red. At a table of four of five bettors, you’ll last a couple of hours before going broke on average. You’ll have won 46 bet and lost 56, which feels about even and you had some sustained up and down runs. You’ll probably be satisfied, maybe buy some food or drink or see a show and, most important thing is that you will come back, and this is the thing the casino is care about.

Say the casino took your money in 10 spins instead. It would have the same $100, and a customer who felt cheated, who isn’t going spend any more money or come back.

Games are not calibrated to maximize the casino’s speed of winning, they’re set to give the players an enjoyable experience—long enough to feel they had value for their money and had a chance of winning, not so long they get bored or take up too much expensive table time.

To summarize, the goal of the casino is that the player will enjoy the atmosphere and the bet will be kind of recreation that will make gambler return to the casino and that is better to allow the other loss of all the money in a short time, which will make the player feel bad and thoughts of cheating on the part of the casino.