Created by nearly 250 developers and often shorted to XMR, Monero is a cryptocurrency that has received worldwide acclaim since it hit the scene in April of 2014. And gambling with Monero became popular almost right from the start due to the extra level of privacy and transparency its blockchain boasts.

Further, Monero is among the top 20 most valuable altcoins, valued at over 300 USD at the time of writing this overview. But the true standout qualities are its emphasis on privacy and a more equalized form of mining, two factors that make it a far more appealing choice over some of the better known cryptocoins.

What Does Cryptocurrency Gambling Mean?

The first online casino was created by what is still known as one of the best game providers in the industry: Microgaming. It was the mid-1990s, and since then, thousands of online casinos have popped up. Some great, some we’d all like to forget.

And then Bitcoin was invented, and the correlation between the freedom and privacy cryptocurrency offered and the convenience, fun, and instant winning potential the online casino promised was immediately established. In fact, right off the bat, gambling-related transactions were the most common Bitcoin usage, but for the same reasons people love gambling with Bitcoin, they’ll love Monero gambling even more give the altcoin’s gambler-friendly features.

Betting with Monero Just Makes Sense

Unfortunately, trusted online casinos have to worry about their players as well as themselves, so joining with the type of complete anonymity that might attract you to Monero in the first place will prove impossible if you want to bet at a legitimate site (which we highly recommend.)

However, an online casino like Bet-Sinclair, one that focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency players, pay special interest to the privacy of their users, a happy medium that has created a strong, loyal community of avid bettors.

Here, you’ll find Monero games that come in every type, every style, with total transparency of fair and random payouts, all with the potential for some life-changing winnings. This is on top of bonuses, tournaments, raffles, giveaways, and other promotions, just like you would at the best online casinos that don’t accept cryptocurrency. And

The Monero Games You Can Expect to Find

Land-based casinos only have to compete geographically, so if they’re the only place taking bets for miles around, they don’t have to worry about variety or offers. Even in hubs like Las Vegas, the competition doesn’t even come close to the online casinos, since every option is just click away. This means that the online casino almost always has better return to player, more options, sky-high welcome bonuses, and promotions galore, both showcased on their website and via email to their members.

So not only will you find Monero games in every conceivable form, but they’ll almost assuredly all pay out better than any brick-and-mortar casino.

But what are the Monero games specifically? The list would go on forever. You can find Slots and Video Poker varieties that you wouldn’t have time to try all of in two lifetimes. Table and card games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker come in all shapes and sizes, from player vs. casino style to Live Casino rooms with real-life dealers. Monero gambling could also be done on a sportsbook, the binary trader, Bingo, scratch cards, and beyond.

At Bet-Sinclair, for example, our most popular game is our Dice, with a progressive jackpot and extremely low house edge, completely exclusive to our casino. The simple roll-to-win setup becomes a Monero Dice classic if you deposit with this cryptocurrency, a game that’s regularly known to pay out consistently. Plus, it gets even better during our Midweek Dice Madness, where seven consecutive rolls instead of eight trigger the progressive jackpot.

But Monero Dice is just as example of the near countless Monero Games available at Bet-Sinclair, and at other cryptocurrency casinos accepting Monero as a deposit method.

The Monero You Know

The use of cryptocurrency is dependent on the individual. Some use it as an investment strategy, as a method of decentralized payments, or as a secure and fun avenue to gamble from the comfort of home. But like with gambling itself, it is important to never spend more on Monero than you can afford, or rely on it as your primary source of income. Responsible Gambling is very similar to responsible investing, if not the same thing.

With that being said, if you play it smart, you’re giving yourself a guarantee: it’ll be thrilling, and it’ll be a lot of fun.

Mining for Monero?

Monero Gambling is a lot more fun, but mining is definitely possible. It will require tech savviness, but the network’s “egalitarian” approach rewards people for spending the time without arbitrarily blocking people from the practice. And to dive in, we recommend going directly to the source: Get Monero.Org  They have links to forums and hashtags you can dive into for insight, find trusted pools and a listing of hardware benchmarking, and get directed to mining software housed at GitHub that they recommend. It’s an amazing resource and an excellent place to start.