As one of the first innovative answers to the release of Bitcoin, gambling with Litecoin came pretty much immediately after the cryptocurrency’s initial introduction. A fork from Bitcoin’s software, this altcoin quickly gained widespread acclaim for its faster transactions, higher number of coins, and other payment-friendly features. In fact, after it was the first to launch a Lightning Network, WIRED Magazine called Litecoin the better version of Bitcoin.

Since its introduction in 2011, Litecoin’s value and popularity has climbed to remain relatively stable, and it’s loved by many for its fast, P2P transactions for near-nonexistent fees.

But let’s get to why you’re really here: Litecoin gambling.

Betting Using Litecoin, Explained

We like to think Bet-Sinclair, the leading cryptocurrency casino, is a lot like Litecoin. We weren’t the first, but we were around during the early days, and our hope was to take everything we wished for as Bitcoin gamblers and create the ultimate place to bet using BTC and altcoins.

Litecoin Gambling is Embracing the Modern Day

You don’t have to leave your house and travel to a land-based casino anymore. And if you did, there’s an extremely low chance that they accept Litecoin at the Slots or a Blackjack table (while we don’t know for sure, we’d be very willing to bet on it.)

But at crypto casinos like this one, almost all the betting options are Litecoin games, and you can experience it all from the comfort of home (or on your mobile device, but you get the idea.)

First, you need to find a legitimate online casino that accepts Litecoin specifically as a deposit option (like Bet-Sinclair). then you…

  • Deposit Litecoin into your bankroll.
  • Enjoy all the bonuses that come with being a new member (or a returning player).
  • Play all the casino games you love for real money.
  • Withdraw your Litecoin winnings.
  • Then repeat.

It’s really not more complicated than that!

For those unfamiliar with online casino betting…

…it really is nearly the exact same as betting at a land-based casino, especially today. With third-party seals of fairness, strict government oversight, and regular public auditing, to gamble with Litecoin may be decentralized, but the online casino itself is not. (And if the casino isn’t regulated, run in the other direction, because they’re most likely a scam!)

How Can You Know If Your Gambling with Litecoin is Fair?

It’s true that even with strict oversight and glowing testimonials, the fairness of online games can be a bit fishy. At least at a land-based casino, you can see that it’s a physical ball on a physical wheel, right? Well putting aside Live Casino rooms for a moment, Bet-Sinclair solves that concern with the revolutionary Provably Fair system, where players are able to see the server and client seeds first-hand, and even change them up.

Discovering the online casino that’s right for you will come down to the selection of Litecoin games and the casino’s promotions and bonuses, reputation and transparency, banking methods, extra features, and whatever other factors are important to you.

Everyone is different. While we at Bet-Sinclair truly believe that we’ve created the most all-encompassing betting playground, your personal research is a must for total player comfort.

The Lite at the End of the Tunnel

Litecoin gambling isn’t the only thing you can do with this immensely popular altcoin.

First Thing’s First

Before diving in, you need to purchase Litecoin, which is available at pretty much all the major trading outlets, and then transfer it to a wallet, either online or on a piece of hardware. Once you’ve purchased your desired amount, you can do whatever you’d like, whether it’s order something online, send someone a tip, clear up debts, or do some Litecoin gambling. We think the latter is the most fun and can potentially be the most rewarding, but a great thing about Litecoin is its versatility.

Is Litecoin Mining Your Thing?

If you have the technical chops, the right equipment, and the proper software, you might as well give mining for Litecoin a try! There is still a lot to be mined, and if you spend the time, it could be worthwhile, especially since Litecoin looks like it will continue to stay valuable into the foreseeable future.

For Further Reading…

They’ve written books about Litecoin: dozens, actually. They’ve written books about cryptocurrency in general too: thousands, actually. So we’ve really only scratched the surface here, and even that is being generous. If you’re looking to do more with this altcoin than grab it and get to the casino, more research is in order, but by being interested in Litecoin, you are on the right track for fortune, whether you join Bet-Sinclair or not.

Let the Litecoin Dice Roll

But if you do choose to join us, we want to make sure you start off on the right foot: deposit today, and you’ll gamble with Litecoin more than double it, Are you ready for some light Litecoin fun?