E- Sports Betting

E- Sports Betting

E-sports betting is same as any other sport or event. Once the customer registering on a website, he should do the next step and deposit amount of money in a virtual wallet and then he able to start make a bet.

Today’s online betting websites are made easy to understand and wagering.

To get the maximum result while wagering on E-sports, gamblers need constantly monitoring as much as information that are shared on blogs and social media. Unlike classic sports, where the best players are well known by everyone, you have to do a lot of research before placing a bet.

One of the main advantages of online gambling is that when the gambler is knowledgeable about a specific sport and knows how to better process the data on the internet and social networks, the focus on specific sports gives the gambler a distinct advantage over the gambling agent.

However, there is another aspect to consider when considering E-sports. For example, many bookmakers usually set very low maximums for such events. In addition, ordinary bookmakers often greatly over estimate the margins for E-sports events in order to protect themselves from possible losses, so bettors see less profit if they win.

E-sports are becoming more & more popular despite all of disadvantages. We can see it by checking the volume of the global industry of E-sports, according to the forecasts of SuperData research, exceeded $1 billion by the end of 2017. The Russian segment reached $35.4 million, which is one of the highest rates of investment in this industry in Europe. And the number of spectators at E-sports is almost the same as the overall audience of the National Hockey League.

As result of the rapid growth of E-sports, Bookies are also experiencing high profits from E-sports betting. Last year, their income from E-sports betting was around $60 million, and analysts predict that E-sports bets will overtake football bets in terms of rates by the end of this year.

To maximize the result when betting on E-Sports follow those rules:

  1. Don’t gamble with emotions.
  2. Bet only on game that you have enough knowledge and the rules of the game clear.
  3. Keep the money!!! Do not consider all kinds of sites and social networks that provide tips for a guaranteed outcome, bet only based on information you’ve collected.
  4. There are unconventional types of bets for people who do not understand E-sports at all. For example, online casino that take bets on “first blood,” which is to say who will get the first kill, As other online casino takes unusual bets for CS:GO, such as who will win the first round, which is known as the pistol round.
  5. E-sports is growth rapidly and same his popularity, Therefor you need to choose your bookmaker carefully and keep away from fraudsters. Many of them publish incomprehensible statistics and analytics, they abuse specialized terms, and they dazzle players with high coefficients and seductive bonuses. Be sure to pay attention to whether your bookmakers are well-known and reputable.