The history of Dash begins with a mistake, wherein almost two million coins were mined on day one, which means that right off the bat, the first people involved (known as early adopters) were rewarded handsomely. Pretty much like successful gambling. Despite the error, however, the Dash community voted against a relaunch, so the initial bug stood, and Dash was officially born in January of 2014.

But its attributes are less common. Every time a Dash coin is mined, 10% goes directly toward improving its cryptocurrency network, a fund that’s then allocated to projects voted on by what are known as masternodes. These are people who have 1,000 Dash coins or more, and they also get 45% of every Dash coin mined (the remaining 45% going to the miner).

But Masternodes should not be confused with the more common cryptocurrency word: node. A node is simply a computer within the Dash network that does the mining: for example, all Bitcoin transactions are performed by one tier of nodes (as in no masternodes.) What the Dash masternodes do, beyond deciding where the 10% of every Dash coin goes to improve the network, are the more specialty transactions (more on that in the “Other Dash Uses” section below.)

The Lowdown on Dash Gambling

To gamble with Dash, the two biggest things you need are DASH and a trusted, worthwhile online casino that accepts DASH as a banking option. Bet-Sinclair is the leading cryptocurrency online casino, but we’re not the only option in the industry (we’re just the best option). Just be sure to make sure there is the website has strict oversight and regulation, audited by third-party companies, has a strong online reputation and makes a point to be involved in the Bitcoin and altcoin communities, and overtly offers transparency.

Plus, having the games you love and awesome bonus offers never hurt either.

Dash gambling is otherwise virtually the same as gambling with cash, only virtual. You can deposit DASH, play games using it, and then withdraw it. And while every casino game is at least a little different than one another, Dash gambling is summed up simply: you risk it in the hopes of winning more of it. With some games, the likelihood of winning is low, but the payout is extremely high, whereas other games offer high odds of winning with lower payouts, like double or nothing.

People who want to gamble with Dash are never guaranteed to win, but they can be guaranteed to have fun by responsibly gambling. Much like investing in Dash — or any cryptocurrency for that matter — to begin with, it’s crucial that you never spend more than what you can afford to lose, and the same goes for gambling. In fact, the ups and downs of any cryptocoin are great reasons why people use them strictly as a means of sending money rather than an investment strategy.

With that being said, if you’re aware of budgeting and limitations, there are few things more exciting than entering a Dash Casino and winning.

But the fact that Dash is indeed valuable is a great reason why you should be extra sure the online casino you’re depositing in is legitimate, reputable, and transparent. For example, at Bet-Sinclair, we offer the Provably Fair system, where players can actually see the randomness of our games firsthand. We also employ state-of-the-art security provisions and internal controls to ensure total financial protection for our community.

As for the different games you’ll find, we’re talking hundreds of options. Slots can be as simple as can be or in-depth and immersive, and you can find some life-changing, heart-pounding progressive jackpots that steadily grow bigger by the second. Our Dash Dice had a jackpot as high as 25 BTC at one point! Get eight consecutive rolls in a roll (or seven on Wednesdays), and the jackpot is yours.

The Dash Casino is truly a playground. On top of Dash Dice and Slots, you’ll find table classics like Blackjack and Roulette, tons of video poker variations, and beyond, plus Live Casino rooms with real-life dealers. You can even play multiplayer Poker, with the center of the table holding a big pile of DASH, and you can bluff it right into your bankroll. The only question is, do you have what it takes to win? (Of course you do!)

Dash Mining

Buying Dash outright with a centralized currency or a different cryptocurrency is the easiest way to obtain Dash, especially if you don’t already have the hardware, and especially, especially if you have no clue what you’re doing. However, if you have the hardware and know what you’re doing, you’re probably not bothering with this section.

Honestly, this isn’t the place to learn how to mine Cryptocurrency, but if you have some patience, it’s actually a great way to earn Dash. By becoming a node, you’re rewarded for every transaction you complete. Just do the research, invest in the equipment, join a pool, and you can start collecting Dash in no time.

Dash Gambling At Bet-Sinclair

At Bet-Sinclair, we want to give you the all-encompassing picture of DASH, not just the gambling side. With that being said, we love betting with cryptocurrencies almost as much as we love decentralized currency as a concept, and if you’re interested in seeing how it works, don’t worry: you don’t need to deposit your DASH just yet.

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Now that’s what we call mining for Dash!