Casino games with perfect outcome for the player

Casino games with perfect outcome for the player

Most of casino game offer different possibilities and probabilities. Therefore, if players wants to obtain substantial benefits, it is better to know which of them offer better conditions for the players.

By this, player can quickly find the best paying casino game, we have compiled the following list. In it we analyze the type of probability they offer, advantage of the house and the percentage of payment.

Percentage of payment & House advantage

Before you start wagering you must to know two key terms:

  1. House edge
  2. Payout percentage.

As business, casinos need to have benefits, and this is where the advantage of the house and the percentage of payment come into play.

The house advantage is defined as the measure of player loss on his initial bet. By knowing what the advantage of the house of each game bettors can decide if the odds offered are acceptable or not.

Players not need to know each and every game specifically, but it is important that players know that most casinos present a house advantage of 2-3%.

The payout percentage applies to slot machines and is similar to the advantage of the house.

Games with best odds

If Players want to get essential payments in today’s casinos, it is important to know which games offer you the best conditions. Many wagers do not know that the games with the best odds are all those that take place on the green carpet.

The secret of the casino’s is in the table games where there are more opportunities to obtain high payments.


The best casino game that present the best probability is Blackjack. In regular time the advantage of the house is only 1% , and can be reduce for minimum such as 0.13%, like many of the online operators have. This explains why the odds are so attractive.

In addition, in Blackjack, one plays against the dealer, which makes winning odds easier to the player.

On the other side, blackjack is one of the casino games that offers higher payouts.


Another casino games that offer great odds is roulette, roulette is simple game that offer fairly succulent payouts for the players.

Roulette game works as each player betting on his favorite number. next step, the dealer turns the wheel, whoever has wagered on lucky number in which the ball has stopped.

Most of casinos establish for the roulette a house advantage of 2.7% for that of a zero and of 5.26% for the double zero.

Worst probability games

It is hard to determine which games have the worst odds, since many casinos refuse to reveal this kind of information and the reasons are obvious.

According to Forbes , the games with the lowest percentage of outcome are two of the most popular: the Wheel of Fortune and slot machines.

Wheel of Fortune:

This popular game, also known as the Big Six Wheel.

The mechanics are very simple, a giant wheel with 54 different segments; the prize is determined based on the segment in which the wheel stops.

But not forget, this simple mechanics hides a bad probability. This is 54 to 1, and since each segment is different, it is more difficult to get high payments. on the top of that the advantage of the house starts at 11.2% and increase to 24.07%.

Slot machine:

Slot machines are the most colorful attraction of casinos. Slot machines are designed to catch and attract players.

The probability of obtaining a considerable amount in prizes is very low. it known that the probability of winning one pot for every 2400 coins is 1 among 262 144, while the probability of obtaining a prize of between 8 and 33 million dollars has a probability of 1 between 49 836 032.

Therefore, it is more profitable for players, either from physical casinos or online, to use the games that present the best chances of obtaining a high payment. and better chances to win.