We’ll get into gambling with Bitcoin Cash in just a moment. But first, we must understand have a general understanding of what a hard fork is (it helps explain this cryptocurrency’s name!)

A hard fork is when the blockchain, or the ledger in which every transaction is recorded, splits off into a separate blockchain that is not compatible with the original one. This is in comparison to a soft fork, wherein rules are changed and/or an upgrade is made, but the newer blockchain is still compatible with the original.

And this altcoin, as you probably already guessed, is a hard fork from Bitcoin, improving the transaction speed by implementing a block size limit of eight megabytes (8x that Bitcoin’s).

To an online casino player interested in Bitcoin Cash gambling, “speedier transactions” probably made your ears perk up. Who wouldn’t want to get their winnings sooner?

Gambling with Bitcoin Cash

The first step to using Bitcoin Cash at any capacity is obtaining it, of course, but doing so is incredibly easy. For a robust selection of legitimate exchanges, e-wallets, other important services, and links to verified projects, go to Wallet tab on the Bitcoin Cash dot org website.

Once you have some coins, you can use them wherever they’re accepted. We’ll get into alternative uses for this cryptocurrency, but right now, let’s go over gambling with Bitcoin Cash.

Just like with any form of gambling, you’re risking something in the hopes of a positive result. And in terms of casino gambling, you’re risking money in the hopes of winning more money.

At a Bitcoin Cash casino, you will be able to deposit, play with, and withdraw in this altcoin, and all the promotions, bonuses, and jackpots that probably led you there in the first place are offered in this cryptocurrency’s equivalent. Bet-Sinclair, for example, is a cryptocurrency casino, meaning we accept players who prefer using Bitcoin as well as several altcoins. So even if this cryptocurrency doesn’t hold your interest forever, you can switch to an alternative without having to risk changing casinos.

Like with all legitimate online casinos, a Bitcoin Cash casino offers a wide variety of games that feature a heavily audited and regulated fairness that ensures total randomness, as well as the same (or better) odds that you’d find in a land-based casino. In fact, many of these Bitcoin Casino casinos, including Bet-Sinclair, offer what’s called a Live Casino, where actual, living, breathing dealers on real tables are live-streamed in for you to bet on. You can even tip them, just like a real casino!

A Bitcoin Cash casino houses Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, and other casino favorites, with the Return to Player and house edge often easily accessible, whether on their website or pulled up on a search engine. At Bet-Sinclair, we take the player comfort of gambling with Bitcoin Cash even further with our Provably Fair system, where you can see the randomness firsthand, and even change things up to give you some level of control on the game’s outcome.

Is gambling with Bitcoin Cash right for you? That depends on if you like to gamble, frankly. But since you’re interested in buying a cryptocurrency and clicked on this article, chances are that you’re exactly the type of person who would gamble with Bitcoin Cash. Just remember to make sure the online casino is legitimate and has the features you enjoy, and to play smart, never betting more at a Bitcoin Cash casino than you can afford to lose.

What Else Bitcoin Cash Can Be Used For

One of the biggest motivators for the hard fork that led to this altcoin’s introduction was the want for it to be used as a currency rather than an investment outlet. And its features reinforce that. Bitcoin Cash…

  • Has a price that’s more affordable compared to other major currencies.
  • Saw near-immediate widespread usage.
  • Mining is still approachable and accessible.
  • Can be used many places online and at some land-based retailers.
  • Has famously small transaction fees.

So aside from gambling with Bitcoin Cash, you can use it just as you would a centralized currency, except it’s private, cheaper, faster, and more secure.

Mining for Bitcoin Cash

There was a time when it was more difficult to mine for Bitcoin Cash than it was to mine for Bitcoin, and since Bitcoin is one of the most saturated mining markets and was — despite being the standard introductory mining path — becoming more and more difficult to become a part of. So it was understandably unacceptable for this altcoin to be more difficult to mine, especially when the equipment and programs used to mine can be used to mine both cryptocurrencies with fairly little effort. But since then, the difficulty has been modified to make it more accessible, and if you want to invest in the equipment, technology, and the time it takes to learn what exactly you’re doing, Bitcoin Cash is mineable.

Another issue is that there are currently 16,972,588 BCH in circulation, while there is a maximum supply of 21,000,000 BCH, meaning there is only 4,027,412 BCH left to mine. So you better hurry!

Invest in This Altcoin?

Bitcoin Cash has been doing extremely well since it was introduced strictly in terms of value, but its particularly enticing component is its widespread usage. If you’re looking for an altcoin that you want to use for transactions and investment is secondary, Bitcoin Cash is a top choice. But frankly, even from an investment standpoint it’s been doing really well, and its inevitable plateau in value should keep steady given current trends and the near-certainty of the longevity of its popularity.

And gambling with Bitcoin Cash? Let’s nip that question in the bud right now. Register with Bet-Sinclair without depositing anything.

Bitcoin Cash is a big player in the cryptocurrency community. Are you ready to be the next big player in the Bet-Sinclair community?